Many tourists cannot help falling in love with Langzhong Island once they arrive. What fascinates them most is its endless underwater world. The most distinctive corals in front of the Summer Bay Resort pier, the colorful and magnificent seaweeds, and the colorful and strange fishes passing by you. Of course, the island’s tropical rainforest, blue sky and white clouds, and the scenery of the sea and sky are also indispensable.

Plane Point Snorkeling/diving​

On May 20, 2022, the first airplane diving spot in Malaysia was born in the waters in front of Lang Tengah Island Resort. When the airplane is placed at a depth of 12 to 15 meters on the seabed, if the water is clear, snorkelers can see this newly created underwater landscape . The new vision and angle make every photo you take underwater look like a blockbuster.

Via-Ferrata Climbing Cableway

Very exciting seaside rock climbing, this is a game for the brave! Under your feet is the sea, climbing up, feel the ultimate challenge of Tarzan. Safe cableway protection , coaches escorting by the side, let everyone experience the beauty of Langzhong Island from another perspective!


Because the visibility of the sea water in Lang Tengah Island is more than 10 meters, you can see the beautiful corals and fish that can only be seen by deep diving when snorkeling. The sunlight will penetrate the water surface, and you can see the shining golden light underwater. The anemones, sea cucumbers, corals, and fish at the bottom of the water can be seen clearly. Colorful fish swim around, and our professional snorkeling instructors can give you the help you need, so that you can get close to the beautiful underwater world with peace of mind.

Experience Diving

At Lang Tengah Island, you can enjoy the crystal clear sea, admire the beautiful corals and various underwater creatures, and if you are lucky, you can dive with sharks. The deep diving experience can satisfy friends who want to appreciate the corals and fish more closely, or customers who want to get a deep diving license for the first time.
* 1 to 1 coaching or 1 to 2 coaching
*15 minutes of instruction, 15 minutes of practice, 30 minutes of underwater exploration
* Depth of about 10 meters (depending on personal adaptability)
* Anyone aged 10 or above can experience this
* Those with asthma, heart disease, high or low blood pressure, epilepsy, pregnant women, or those who have undergone surgery for less than 3 months are not allowed to dive.

Shore Diving/Boat Diving

The visibility of the sea water in Langzhong Island is extremely high. Friends with a diving license can admire the schools of fish and magnificent coral reefs in Langzhong Island and explore the well-preserved underwater world together.

Kayaking/Glass Boat

You can paddle quietly on the clear water, surrounded by fish, and in the evening, you can watch the beautiful sunset while paddling, which is a breathtaking sight.


Fishing enthusiasts can also fish while playing in the waves, as baits and fishing rods will be prepared for you.

We will drive the boat to the sea two nautical miles away from the island to fish (in order to protect the ecological balance of fish on the island, the Malaysian government stipulates that fishing activities must be carried out within two nautical miles away from the island)


In the evening of a sunny day, look up at the western sky, it is turning red, sit alone in the dusk, and watch the sunset gradually sink.

Blue Sands Tour

The resort staff will lead everyone to hunt blue sand at a fixed time every day. The whole journey only takes 30 minutes. If the weather is good, you can also see the entire starry sky, which is a scene that will make people sigh.

If you are lucky, you may also see shooting stars streak across the sky. Remember to make a wish in time.


There are several long beach chairs in front of the resort, where sunbathers can enjoy the best sunshine.

Sunset Dinner

The resort offers celebrations for birthdays, proposals, and other holidays. You can sit opposite each other on the beach, watch the sunset, and have dinner together.

Bush walk/sunrise walk

Before dawn, the resort staff will lead you to climb rocks and walk through dense forests. The forests on the island have never been developed, and everything remains the original appearance given by nature. It is very different from the sunrise walk, and there is a good chance to see large lizards on the way. After passing through the forest, you will reach a good place to watch the magnificent sunrise, and below is the cliff, and you can also see the waves hitting the rocks. The whole journey only takes 90 minutes.


The resort provides beach photography, night starry sky photography, snorkeling photography, deep diving photography, aerial photography and other services for parents and children, best friends, couples, families and teams.

Romantic Wedding

A romantic island wedding is a testimony of love and a lifelong memory. Every wedding we host is a work of great care.

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is a sport that combines competitive, entertaining, fashionable and spectator functions, and is suitable for people of different genders and ages.

Rest in the pavilion

When you are tired of playing, come to our leisure pavilion and lie down like Ge You, facing the four-colored sea, letting the sea breeze blow on your face, and enjoy the pleasant time.


In your spare time, go for a full body SPA to relax your whole body.

Fitness Exercise

There is a gym here for serious fitness enthusiasts, so you don’t have to worry about your training plan during your vacation.

Nightlife singing

Sunset Bar is the best place for nightlife lovers. Every day there will be cute, interesting and good-voiced singers there to perform unplugged singing. You can chat with family and friends and enjoy the atmosphere.

Guests often propose marriage here.


Summer Bay Resort is the only hotel in Lang Tengah Island that has an Olympic-length swimming pool. If you choose to skip the snorkeling and diving activities, you can still splash around and swim in the pool.

The swimming pool is only 1 meter high and is a favorite for children.

  • There are no colorful neon lights here
  • There are beautiful clouds at sunrise and sunset
  • No annoying congestion here
  • Only tranquility and spaciousness
  • There is no city noise here.
  • But the sand and the waves are whispering
  • Summer Bay Lang Island Resort
  • Satisfy all your fantasies

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