4D3N Terengganu Itinerary | Top Things to do in Lang Tengah Island

4D3N Terengganu Itinerary | Top Things to do in Lang Tengah Island

4D3N Terengganu Itinerary | Top Things to do in Lang Tengah Island

Are you in the midst of planning an exciting trip to Lang Tengah Island in Terengganu and seeking the perfect 4-day, 3-night itinerary? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we at Summer Bay Resort, have crafted a detailed 4D3N itinerary to ensure your Lang Tengah Island adventure is filled with unforgettable experiences. From understanding Lang Tengah Island to top things to do in Lang Tengah Island, we have all your travel needs covered. Whether you’re a fan of snorkeling, paddleboarding, or simply unwinding with spa treatments, our resort stands ready to cater to your every desire. So, kick back, unwind, and allow us to lead you on an extraordinary journey through one of Malaysia’s most captivating destinations.

Lang Tengah Island

Lang Tengah Island, or Pulau Lang Tengah, is an island off Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. Nestled between Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian on the East Coast of Malaysia, the island’s name translates to “the eagle in the middle,” referencing its location. It’s sometimes referred to as the “Maldives of Malaysia” due to its rich marine life. Surrounded by deep blue, crystal-clear waters with vibrant, living corals, the island is captivating.
Besides, there’s a lush of untouched jungle will surely capture your memory. While many experienced explorers may familiar with other Malaysian gems like Redang Island (Pulau Redang) and Perhentian Island (Pulau Perhentian), only a few are privy to the allure of Lang Tengah Island. It ranks among Malaysia’s favorite diving spots and is an ideal place to bask in the sun, sea, and relax your mind and soul. Besides diving, non-divers can enjoy water sports, snorkeling, and island hopping.

How to Get to Lang Tengah Island?

By plane: Take a domestic flight to Kuala Terengganu, the nearest airport to Lang Tengah Island. The resorts on the island typically provide a land transport service to pick you up from the airport and take you to Mangkuk Jetty. At Mangkuk Jetty, ferry or boat transfers operate three times per day, with each ride lasting between 40 to 45 minutes.
By road and water: Alternatively, you can choose to drive or take a bus to Kuala Terengganu and then catch a boat to Lang Tengah Island.

Top Things to do in Lang Tengah Island During Your 4D3N trip:

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure at Lang Tengah Island with Summer Bay Resort? Here’s a suggested itinerary for a 4-day 3-night trip to make the most of your time on the islands.

Day 1:


Day 2: Adventure and Conservation

Morning: Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding

Start your second day on Lang Tengah Island with a paddle boarding session. This activity not only enhances your balance and coordination but also allows you to immerse yourself in the stunning natural surroundings of the island. Glide over the crystal-clear waters at your own pace, enjoying the tranquility of the morning sea. Paddle boarding offers a unique perspective of the island’s coastline and the opportunity to spot marine life in the shallow waters. It’s a peaceful yet invigorating way to begin your day, connecting with the serene beauty of the island.

Afternoon: Island Hopping + Swimming with Turtles

 Island Hopping + Swimming with Turtles

In the afternoon, embark on an island-hopping adventure that promises an unforgettable experience. This journey takes you to nearby islands, each boasting its own unique charm and beauty. The highlight of this activity is the opportunity to swim with turtles in their natural habitat. As the boat nears the turtle gathering spot, simply don your snorkeling gear and dive in to witness these adorable creatures up close, swimming alongside them. The clear waters and abundant marine life make this activity a must-do for nature lovers and anyone looking to create lasting memories of their time on Lang Tengah Island.

Evening: Visit the Turtle Conservatory

Turtle Conservatory at Turtle Bay

Lang Tengah Island also houses a Turtle Conservatory at Turtle Bay, a more secluded beach among the other beaches of the island. During your visit, you’ll have the chance to actively engage in turtle protection activities, offering a hands-on experience in the efforts to preserve these endangered species. It’s a meaningful way to spend your evening, gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges facing turtles and the measures being taken to ensure their survival for generations to come.

Night: Turtle Nesting

turtle nesting

During the turtle breeding season, you will have the chance to witness a precious moment – the turtles come ashore to lay their eggs! Following the hatching of the eggs, you’ll witness the heartwarming sight of baby turtles being guided to the beach, where they will take their first steps towards the vast ocean.

Day 3: Exploration and Relaxation

Morning: Transparent Canoe/Kayaking

Transparent Canoe/Kayaking

Start your third day on Lang Tengah Island with an exciting experience in a transparent canoe or kayak. Each canoe is designed to accommodate two people, making it an ideal choice for couples seeking a unique way to explore the island’s waters together. This unique experience allows you to glide over the island’s crystal-clear waters while observing the vibrant marine life directly beneath you. The see-through design of the canoe or kayak offers an unobstructed view of the underwater world, giving you the feeling of floating above the colorful coral reefs and schools of fish.

Afternoon: Diving

In the afternoon, immerse yourself in the captivating underwater world of Lang Tengah Island by embarking on a diving adventure. The island is surrounded by 16 diving hot spots, each offering its own unique underwater landscapes and marine life. These hot spots are renowned for their crystal-clear visibility and the abundance of coral reefs, tropical fish, sea turtles, and other marine species that call these waters home. Whether you prefer a shore dive, stepping directly into the water from the beach, or a boat dive, which takes you to more distant and diverse locations, there’s a diving experience tailored to every preference.


Evening: Spa and massage

Summer Spa on Lang Tengah Island.

After a day filled with aquatic adventures, take the opportunity to unwind with a relaxing spa and massage session at Summer Spa on Lang Tengah Island. This spa oasis offers a tranquil environment where you can rejuvenate your body and mind. The serene setting of Summer Spa, combined with the skillful touch of our professional therapists, guarantees a restorative experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for more island explorations.

Night: Blue Tear Tours

Blue Tear Tours

Conclude your day with the magical experience of a Blue Tear tour. This natural phenomenon, where bioluminescent plankton lights up the waters with a glowing blue hue, is truly a sight to behold. It’s a perfect, enchanting end to your day, offering a moment of wonder that captures the mystical beauty of Lang Tengah Island.

Day 4: Jungle Exploration and Departure

Morning: jungle trekking

jungle trekking

Embark on an exhilarating jungle trekking adventure in the morning and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Lang Tengah Island. Explore lush rainforests surrounding the resort, where you’ll encounter exotic flora like the majestic Tongkat Ali plant. This beginner-friendly trek offers an accessible and thrilling experience, allowing you to connect with nature and observe the island’s wildlife. At the end of the trail, you will be amazed by the great view of the South China Sea, with Redang Island in sight across from our Batu Bulan Diving Spot. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a nature enthusiast, this jungle trek promises an unforgettable morning on Lang Tengah Island.


Afternoon: Leisure Time and Departure

take a refreshing dip in the sea.

Before departing from the island, enjoy a final leisurely walk along the beach or take a refreshing dip in the sea. These final hours are a chance to reflect on the enriching experiences and cherished memories of your stay. Summer Bay Resort also offers a private boat service that will smoothly and personally transport you from the island to Mangkuk Jetty, ensuring a seamless conclusion to your island adventure.


In conclusion, for those wondering what to do in Lang Tengah Island for a memorable 4D3N retreat, Summer Bay Resort is your perfect guide and companion. We are devoted to unveiling the best that Lang Tengah Island has to offer. Our resort is an ideal launchpad for an array of activities, ensuring your stay is as tranquil or thrilling as you wish. From the spectacular marine life in the pristine waters to the unspoiled trails of the jungle, and the peaceful moments within our calming spa, we are dedicated to crafting unforgettable experiences for you. Begin planning your 4D3N itinerary with us and prepare for an extraordinary journey in this enchanting tropical haven.


Ready to visit Lang Tengah Island?

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Our packages include three complimentary activities (jungle trekking, Blue Tears tours, and snorkeling), and you can customize your schedule according to your preferences. Click here to view the packages from Summer Bay Resort.



Build Stronger Bonds with Team Building Activities on the Beach


Build Stronger Bonds with Team Building Activities on the Beach

Imagine your team stepping out of the office and onto the sandy shores, leaving behind stress and deadlines. Team building on the beach offers a refreshing change of scenery and a chance to connect with your colleagues on a whole new level.

Lang Tengah Island is an picturesque destination for team building. The island offers the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation with its pristine beaches and turquoise waters. Team building on the beach is more than just the traditional ice-breaker and camp fire, it can involve a range of thrilling water sports, such as snorkeling, kayaking, beach volleyball and more!

Is Team Building on Beach Really Helpful?

Simply put, YES!

Team building activities play a crucial role in improving team dynamics while overcoming hierarchical barriers. These activities create a platform for all members to interact and bond with each other in a non-work environment. Nevertheless, the island’s tranquil environment allows members to disconnect from the outside world, fostering stronger connections and enhancing communication skills.

Through team building activities, every member gets to develop a better understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This is particularly helpful in fostering better communication and cooperation within the team. Besides that, depending on the activity objectives, the games can promote trust, encourage problem-solving skills, and enhance creativity.

The beach provides the perfect backdrop for a variety of team-building activities that promote collaboration, communication, and trust. From exciting beach games to creative challenges, there are endless possibilities to engage and energize your team.

3 Types of Team Building Activities on the Beach

Traditional Team Building Activities on The Beach

Icebreaker activities

  • Increase communication and collaboration

Trust-building exercises

  • Enhance teamwork and bonding

Problem-solving games

  • Improve critical thinking and strategic planning

Adventure-Based Team Building Activities

Beach obstacle courses

  • Physical endurance and cooperation

Kayaking challenges

  • Teamwork and coordination

Beach volleyball tournament

  • Promote teamwork, communication, and friendly competition

Creativity-Focused Team Building Activities

Sandcastle building contests

  • Foster creativity and innovation

Beach art workshops

  • Promote imagination and expression

Team photography sessions

  • Encourage collaboration and visualization

Ready to take your team building experience to the next level?

Gather your team, pack your sunscreen, and head to Summer Bay Resort on Lang Tengah Island! Explore new horizons, create shared experiences, and come back to the workplace with a renewed sense of unity and collaboration.

Top 5 Island_Summer Bay Resort

Join us at Summer Bay Resort and watch as your team’s bonds grow stronger, one thrilling match and dive at a time. Contact us to plan your team’s getaway!

Diving at Lang Tengah Island, Malaysia

Island Hopping around Malaysia’s Lang Tengah Island

Island Hopping around Malaysia’s Lang Tengah Island

Island hopping refers to the travelling between different islands in the same region. Besides being able to explore multiple destinations within one trip, you get to have a glimpse of the unique culture and attractions on each island.

Island hopping can be done by air, sea or land, depending on your preference and budget.

In Malaysia where we are blessed with groups of beautiful islands, island hopping on a speedboat is rather the most popular option here.

Lang Tengah, Malaysia and Its Neighbouring Islands

Lang Tengah Island is a beautiful and secluded island off the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. Located between Perhentian Islands and Redang Island, making it the popular destination for a getaway and perfect stay for island hopping.

Diving at Lang Tengah Island, Malaysia

Activities on Lang Tengah Island

The tranquil waters surrounding Lang Tengah offer an array of activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, kayaking and even sailing. With its pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and lush tropical rainforest, Lang Tengah Island is the perfect destination for anyone looking for a laid-back beach holiday with plenty of activities to keep them entertained. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, Lang Tengah has something to offer.

Sea view at the jetty of Summer Bay Resort

Island Hopping around Lang Tengah

What is it like to engage in island hopping around Lang Tengah Island?

Through snorkeling or diving, you get to explore the incredible beauty of the underwater world around Lang Tengah Island. The ocean will keep you entertained with its vast array of sea creatures, colorful corals and mesmerizing plants. You may even spot exotic fish like angelfish, parrotfish, and butterflyfish as they flit around the coral reefs.

As you explore deeper into the ocean depths, you’ll find an even more diverse range of sea life including rays, eels, jellyfish, and starfish. Consider getting a diving licence during your stay, as being certified and skill-equipped opens up your underwater world journey!

Summer Bay Resort, Lang Tengah Island offers various level of PADI certified diving courses, explore our packages here:

Diving Courses available at Summer Bay Resort, Lang Tengah Island#image_title


Tips for Island Hopping around Lang Tengah Island

Planning on having an island-hopping trip around Malaysia islands soon? Here’s something that you might want to keep in mind!

Laid back moments at Summer Bay Resort, Lang Tengah Island, Malaysia

Best Visiting Period

On the east coast of peninsular, the dry season usually runs from March to October. If you are interested in snorkeling or diving, the dry season is generally the best time to visit. As the weather is more stable during dry season, you can expect the waters to be clearer and with better visibility.

Duration of Stay

A 4D3N will be ideal if you are interested in snorkelling and diving activities. Whereas, if you are planning on getting a diving licence, consider spend more days on the home island and an extra one to two days for your adventure.

Type of Transportation

Despite the more private and quiet atmosphere Lang Tengah Island offers, it is highly accessible for visitors. The best way to get to Lang Tengah is a domestic flight to Kuala Terengganu and then get on a ferry at the Mangkuk jetty.

Usually, ferries operate regularly and the journey takes about 1-2 hours, depending on the departure point. From the ferry terminal on Lang Tengah, you can take a taxi or a shuttle bus to your destination on the island.

As for guests of Summer Bay Resort, we have both land and boat transfers figured out for you. Let us know your arrival time and we will take care of the rest.

Place to Stay

Island hopping can be a cost-effective way to travel, as you can often find deals on flights and accommodations when you visit multiple destinations. However, it is important to find a comfortable place throughout your stay.

Ready to visit Lang Tengah Island?

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Top 5 Island_Lang Tengah

Top 5 Malaysia Islands to Visit in 2023

How much do you know about Malaysia islands?

“Pulau” is what Malaysians normally call an island. Malaysia has as many as 878 islands according to National Department of Survey and Mapping, and they are no stranger to tourists! However, depending on the location, some of them are habitable and passable, whereas some are yet not explored.

The popular islands in Malaysia include Penang, Langkawi and Pangkor Island on the west side; while Perhentian Island, Redang Island and Tioman Island are in the east. In comparison, the islands on east coast gathered more tourism visits due to the excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities.

Although most of Malaysia islands are in the Borneo region, it does not always have to be a long trip to enjoy an island getaway. In fact, there are some scenic islands that are easily accessible via plane or road.

Without further ado, let’s dive into (puns intended) the 5 must-visit islands in Malaysia for the upcoming year!

1.    Lang Tengah Island / Pulau Lang Tengah

Top 5 Island_Lang Tengah

The smallest island in Terengganu State, Lang Tengah Island got its name from a combination of the eagle’s habitat and its central location between Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang. The island is known for its laid back and peaceful atmosphere due to its small size and limited number of resorts. The crystal clear water and white sandy beach is nothing short of a painter’s work. There was even a famous movie filmed in Lang Tengah Island!

  • Visiting Season:

April to September

  • Transportation:

By plane: Take domestic flight Kuala Terengganu, which is the nearest airport to Lang Tengah Island. From Kuala Terengganu, you can catch a boat to Lang Tengah Island. The boat ride from Kuala Terengganu to Lang Tengah Island takes about 30 mins to one hour.

By road and water: Another option is to drive or take a bus to Kuala Terengganu. Then you can catch a boat to Lang Tengah Island.

2.    Tioman Island / Pulau Tioman

Top 5 Island_Tioman

A small volcanic island known as a tropical rainforest paradise; Tioman Island is a rather well-developed commercial destination that is located 30 km off the east coast of Pahang. It has been a traveler’s favorite for years, particularly for locals and Singaporean tourists.

Besides the obvious beautiful ocean and beaches, Tioman Island is also well-known for its splendid underwater world. The island offers various water activities for visitors to participate and explore marine life. Strange and beautiful corals are easily spotted in the water of Tioman Island.

  • Visiting Season

Late February to October

  • Transportation

By road: Drive or take a bus Mersing, which is the main town on the mainland near Tioman Island. From Mersing, you can catch a ferry to the island.

By plane: You can also fly from Kuala Lumpur to Tioman Island. There are several airlines that operate flights to Tioman Island, including AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines. The flight takes about one hour.

3.    Langkawi Island / Pulau Langkawi

Top 5 Island_Langkawi

Langkawi Island, the largest island in Malaysia. The name is derived from the reddish-brown eagle, thus the iconic building Eagle Square in Langkawi. Besides the famous Langkawi Sky Bridge and Langkawi Underwater World aquarium, you can also experience fun water activities on the island.

A boat ride is at your disposal, simply get a boat ticket then the beautiful scenery around the island is all yours. If you are lucky, you can even witness dolphins jumping in the sea from the boat!

  • Visiting Season

December to March

  • Transportation

By plane: The fastest and most convenient way to get to Langkawi is by plane. There are several airlines that operate flights from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi, including AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines. The flight takes about one hour.

By road and water: Another option is to drive or take a bus to Kuala Perlis, which is a port town on the mainland near Langkawi. From Kuala Perlis, you can catch a ferry to Langkawi. The ferry ride takes about one hour.

4.    Layang-Layang Island / Pulau Layang-Layang

Top 5 Island_Layang Layang

There’s a gem laying on the opposite of Borneo. Layang-layang island is the sapphire in the sea. Why so? The island’s location has resulted in the water and coral reefs being pollution-free. Due to that, it is also known as one of the world’s top ten diving destinations.

By diving into 30-60 meters water depth, you could see hammerhead sharks, dolphins, manta rays, and various rare large marine creatures that are spectacular! Layang-layang island is a must-visit for any diving-enthusiast!

  • Visiting Season

March to October

  • Transportation

By plane: Domestic flights from Kuala Lumpur to Layang-Layang Island are provided by AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines.

By road and water: If you are based in the east Malaysia, you could drive to Kota Kinabalu. From there, you can catch a ferry to Layang-Layang Island which takes about six hours.


5.    Mataking Island / Pulau Mataking

Top 5 Island_Mataking


An exclusive luxury island resort located in Sandakan, Sabah, Mataking Island Resort offers stunning ocean views and a tropical atmosphere that is loved by foreign tourists and couples. There are activities such as snorkeling, canoeing, and bonfires on the island. Besides that, a turtle hatchery and a peacock conservation area are built to allow deeper understanding of the natural ecosystem. What more to ask for a holiday full of knowledge and fun?

The Mataking Island Resort also provides comfortable ocean view rooms, allowing you to enjoy the tranquility of the ocean as soon as you open your eyes.

  • Visiting Season

April to June

  • Transportation

By plane: Take domestic flight to Tawau, which is the nearest airport to Mataking Island. From Tawau, you can catch a boat to Mataking Island.

By road and water: Another option is to drive or take a bus to Tawau. From Tawau, you can catch a boat to Mataking Island.

Are you amazed by the beautiful Malaysia islands yet?

Each island speaks in its very own unique characteristics, although all will indulge you with beautiful beaches, secluded bays, splendid underwater world and even more island activities!

If you’re looking for a perfect vacation destination, any Malaysia’s island would be the right choice!

Ready to visit Lang Tengah Island?

Hop on to Summer Bay Resort, Lang Tengah Island!

Top 5 Island_Summer Bay Resort

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lang tengah island malaysia

Discover Lang Tengah Island

Places like the Lang Tengah Island (Pulau Lang Tengah) – well, they say that the best things in life are those waiting to be discovered, to be embraced. To be stumbled upon in serendipity, or to be seen by deliberate choice. However discovered, the best part of it would be the unexpected yet visible place they would have been discovered from; and then you hear about that in some passing breeze, and when you find them, the first thing to run inside your head will be, “Where were you my whole life?”

Summer Bay Resort, Lang Tengah Island
Summer Bay Resort, Lang Tengah Island

Lang Tengah Island

Lang Tengah or Pulau Lang Tengah is an island in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. The Island is sandwiched between the Pulau Redang and Pulau Pergentian, on the East Coast of Malaysia. The name of this island translates as “the eagle in the middle”, as a reference to its location. Also, some people call it the “Maldives of Malaysia” owing to its marine richness.

Lang Tengah is not a place that appears so simple at plain sight but then turns into an extravagantly beautiful area – it simply is breath-taking upon first sight, with simplicity, grandeur, tranquility and brightness, all of them enmeshed together and served via Nature for us humans, in another example of its generosity.

This island has no roads to travel, except a few jungle paths cleared by civilization for convenience of travel. The only way to get around the island is by foot or by water, either by boats or by canoes.


The terrestrial of Lang Tengah Island

The tropical island has both terrestrial and marine richness. The lush rainforest cover gives a home for its own diverse ecosystem including birds, frogs, lizards and insects. It is a place with fresh oxygen and refreshing aura, all the while letting you give a reminder about the actual life outside the mechanically-built and pressing world.

Pulau Lang Tengah
Pulau Lang Tengah

The water around Lang Tengah Island

The marine side compliments this atmosphere with its beaches that have light-producing ostracods washed up on the shore, which lights the beach with a shade of neon blue, like crystals have fallen of the waters and deposited on the beach as a mark of ownership, like they belong with each other.

The water is crystal-clear, and the beaches are stunningly white in the daytime. The ecosystem inside the water isn’t any less significant to its terrestrial counterpart – they have excellent coral reefs with schools of fish swarming, sometimes even sharks and rays. However, the frequent yet brief thunderstorms restrict the ferry transports and activities of the resort between October and March.

The island offers not only a chance to escape and experience life in its fullness but also to involve in environmentally-conscious activities, like conservative activities. For example, the Turtle Bay beach in the island is dedicated to marine turtle conservation. The Lang Tengah Turtle Watch is responsible for this, and consists of volunteers to run their objectives – you can donate to their cause and also buy their merchandise! Also, you can get a chance to see baby sharks in the shallows! You will have an added enriching experience of learning about the different members of the society who are not humans who make up this planet.

Turtle in Pulau Lang Tengah, Malaysia
Turtle in Pulau Lang Tengah, Malaysia

What you carry till the end of your life is memories. Make sure to take all opportunities you can to hold tight to them. Pulau Lang Tengah exists in its sereneness and beauty to make an imprint on you.


Intrigued? Summer Bay Resort welcomes you!

Our lovely resort awaits you at Lang Tengah Island!

Visiting Lang Tengah Island for a stress-free, hassle-free abode, a warm home away from home, to enjoy? Come stay with us then!

Our resort provides 4-star accommodation and services, bringing you the best of tropical island vacation with the comforts of air-conditioned spaces and luxurious amenities. Standard, Superior Room, Garden View, Pool View room – choose what is best for you!

We have different Lang Tengah Island packages to cater to your holiday needs, just take your pick and be on your way to an awesome and unforgettable holiday experience!

Summer Bay Resort is the accommodation for you, your gateway to a perfect Lang Tengah island vacation!


This article is brought to you by Summer Bay Resort.

(Image credits to respective owners.)

The Sunrise & Sunset


Enjoy pretty sunrise and sunset views from Lang Tengah hotel or from the beach.

Apart from watching beautiful sunrise and sunset at Batu Kuching and Batu Bulan, you could also enjoy the lovely skies on any one of the beaches on the island. Remember to get your camera ready to take enchanting shots of the sunrise and sunset – the views are simply amazing that you can’t help but gaze in awe at Mother Nature’s raw beauty.

Turtle Conservatory at Lang Tengah Island Turtle Bay

If you are lucky enough, you could possibly watch baby turtles hatching!

Lang Tengah Island also houses a Turtle Conservatory at Turtle Bay, a more secluded beach among the other beaches of the island. Turtle Bay is the place where turtle conservation and research efforts are carried out by a team of volunteers called Lang Tengah Turtle Watch (LTTW), and also serves as the main nesting area for turtles.

If you happen to visit at a time where the turtles come to the ground, you will be lucky to see nests and maybe even some hatchlings depending on the time of the year!


Lang Tengah Island

The Lesser Known Paradise in Malaysia

What comes to mind when you think about island getaways? Perhaps Redang Island, Tioman Island, Langkawi Island…but have you ever heard about Lang Tengah Island or Pulau Lang Tengah? If you haven’t, now you do!

With more discoveries by tourists over the years and article coverage about the island, Lang Tengah Island’s beauty is slowly coming into the limelight. In fact, this island that is situated off the coast of Terengganu between Redang Island and Perhentian Island is a hidden gem amongst the popular ones in Malaysia.

With white sandy beaches, clear blue waters, wonderful marine biodiversity, Lang Tengah Island has basically everything that makes up a pretty great island for vacation.

Summerbay Resort in Lang Tengah Island

Your Exclusive Holidays Getaway in Lang Tengah Island Summer Bay Lang Island Resort is a brand new vacation resort in Lang Tengah Island.


The resort brings a whole new meaning to the term “laid back” life on the island moves a smoother, slower pace and tomorrow will always bring another beautiful day. The environment and friendly staff at the resort will help you grow accustomed to the relaxing lifestyle here. Feel at home here where the sun, sand, sea are bountiful and beach chairs, good food and fulfilling conversations are never short.

Summer Bay Lang Island Resort is a place where we encourage our guests to take full advantage for a chance to rest and relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the silence of the sea, the music of the forest, breathe in the fresh sea breeze of the South China Sea and soak up the sunshine while you’re here.

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