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Places like the Lang Tengah Island (Pulau Lang Tengah) – well, they say that the best things in life are those waiting to be discovered, to be embraced. To be stumbled upon in serendipity, or to be seen by deliberate choice. However discovered, the best part of it would be the unexpected yet visible place they would have been discovered from; and then you hear about that in some passing breeze, and when you find them, the first thing to run inside your head will be, “Where were you my whole life?”

Summer Bay Resort, Lang Tengah Island
Summer Bay Resort, Lang Tengah Island

Lang Tengah Island

Lang Tengah or Pulau Lang Tengah is an island in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. The Island is sandwiched between the Pulau Redang and Pulau Pergentian, on the East Coast of Malaysia. The name of this island translates as “the eagle in the middle”, as a reference to its location. Also, some people call it the “Maldives of Malaysia” owing to its marine richness.

Lang Tengah is not a place that appears so simple at plain sight but then turns into an extravagantly beautiful area – it simply is breath-taking upon first sight, with simplicity, grandeur, tranquility and brightness, all of them enmeshed together and served via Nature for us humans, in another example of its generosity.

This island has no roads to travel, except a few jungle paths cleared by civilization for convenience of travel. The only way to get around the island is by foot or by water, either by boats or by canoes.


The terrestrial of Lang Tengah Island

The tropical island has both terrestrial and marine richness. The lush rainforest cover gives a home for its own diverse ecosystem including birds, frogs, lizards and insects. It is a place with fresh oxygen and refreshing aura, all the while letting you give a reminder about the actual life outside the mechanically-built and pressing world.

Pulau Lang Tengah
Pulau Lang Tengah

The water around Lang Tengah Island

The marine side compliments this atmosphere with its beaches that have light-producing ostracods washed up on the shore, which lights the beach with a shade of neon blue, like crystals have fallen of the waters and deposited on the beach as a mark of ownership, like they belong with each other.

The water is crystal-clear, and the beaches are stunningly white in the daytime. The ecosystem inside the water isn’t any less significant to its terrestrial counterpart – they have excellent coral reefs with schools of fish swarming, sometimes even sharks and rays. However, the frequent yet brief thunderstorms restrict the ferry transports and activities of the resort between October and March.

The island offers not only a chance to escape and experience life in its fullness but also to involve in environmentally-conscious activities, like conservative activities. For example, the Turtle Bay beach in the island is dedicated to marine turtle conservation. The Lang Tengah Turtle Watch is responsible for this, and consists of volunteers to run their objectives – you can donate to their cause and also buy their merchandise! Also, you can get a chance to see baby sharks in the shallows! You will have an added enriching experience of learning about the different members of the society who are not humans who make up this planet.

Turtle in Pulau Lang Tengah, Malaysia
Turtle in Pulau Lang Tengah, Malaysia

What you carry till the end of your life is memories. Make sure to take all opportunities you can to hold tight to them. Pulau Lang Tengah exists in its sereneness and beauty to make an imprint on you.


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#NaPoWriMo Prompts: Malaysian Islands edition

It’s #NaPoWriMo!!

National Poetry Writing Month is here! The social media and everyone’s diary is brimming with poetry and expression of words. Poetry is an expression of what you feel. It is valid whether you post on social media or not! ‘Tis the season to celebrate your inner verbal expressiveness!

Some of us are inspired by the aesthetics of images. So with no further ado, we present to you some picturesque frames with prompts, words and ideas splattered, with which you can fly your kites of thoughts!



scattered / bottled colours / slowly between the velvet layers of the sea / i drown not sink


isolation ripples your nerves / a quiet canopy you call home / sands of time prevail across your thoughts


i saw an old photograph of us / our love is a drone / misty sea breeze / walk into the sea slowly / welcoming all colours we smeared on us


underneath the hands is roughness / sun filters through the leaves to fall as darkness / you slip into grounds that don’t hold you


you are celestial / the shades cower beneath your lush / grandeur runs naked to pursue your simple fingers / amidst them all you breath


your childhood folktales / you slept hugging the rainbow / prisms were never understood as glass, like your heart / you exhale hues, you exhale hues


little things / clusters / shapes / distance / proximity / twilight / paintings above us / narrow / journey / lights


down the lane of time / sea horses / memories / remember to forget / forget to discover / discover to feel / feel to be human


lost / wander / found / loud silences / dust on the leaves / dirt on the ground / mist in the air / what is in your hands?


gently slapped against the walls / withering / strength / crushing / cliffs / freeze the moments / drench in colours


farthest star / wild skies and tamed winds / embrace / tickles by the water / limitless / beyond / constricted / fly


sharpness softens you / waves echo your heartstrings / tenderness in your strength / rhythms striking your ears / spin your own tales / build your own land


So! What are you waiting for! Grab that notepad and treat yourself with the flow of creativity!


This article is brought to you by Summer Bay Resort.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article. Don’t forget to like and share! What prompt was your favourite? Did you try them out? Let us know in the comments!

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拉哇岛 (Pulau Rawa) —— 天堂般的隐藏式岛屿

Pulau Rawa, Malaysia
#image_title 马来西亚拉哇岛 (Source: Holidaygogogo)



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探索吉打宝石之岛—— 浮罗交怡


Map of Malaysia - Pulau Langkawi
#image_title 左上角见浮罗交怡岛

浮罗交怡位于马六甲海峡,由100个左右石灰岩岛屿组成,是马来西亚最大的群岛。它属于“稻米之乡”——吉打州,北邻泰国,南邻槟榔屿。浮罗交怡为马来语Pulau Langkawi的译名,Pulau即“岛屿”之意,Langkawi则由helang(老鹰)与kawi(红褐色)两个词结合而成。浮罗交怡全年气候较为炎热潮湿,不过每年10月至次年4、5 月是最凉爽的时候,也是旅游的最佳时间。

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pulau kapas activties

不容错过的“原汁原味”棉花岛 (Pulau Kapas)


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pulau tioman island activities






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