It’s located between Redang Island (shooting location for the film ‘Summer Holiday’) and Perhentian Island in Terengganu, east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

  • March to October when the temperature is around 28℃-34℃.
  • The resorts are shut down from November to January due to monsoon season.

Absolutely. 80% of our customers travel on their own.

Besides double room, we also provide family rooms for three persons up to six persons.

After arriving at KLIA/KLIA2, take a transfer to TGG (Sultan Mahmud Airport), Terengganu.

Option 1:

For visitors arriving at TGG BY 9am, our driver will send you to Merang Jetty (estimated 35 minutes) to take the exclusive ferry. **Departure time 10.30am

Option 2:

Visitors will be sent to the hotel and depart the next morning by taking our shuttle bus to Merang Jetty (estimated 45 minutes) to enter the island at 10.30am **Hotel suggestion:

Ming Star Hotel

Ming Paragon Hotel

Contact us for reservation(Wechat: +60199598966)

(Please refer attachment: How to Get to Lang Tengah Island)

  • Subang Airport: Firefly, MALINDO

Besides air plane, you can also take bus from Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Malacca, Johor etc to the destination. Estimated bus ride 6-7 hour (450km)


If you depart from Singapore, take direct Konsortium bus to Merang Jetty.

  • Entering the resort: Only one time per day (10.30am).
  • Leaving the resort: Only one time per day (9.00am).

**Anyone who wish to enter/leave the island besides the fixed schedule must pay for the extra ferry service.

Please contact our customer service to book a ferry three days earlier. Estimated 30-45 minutes boat ride

  • **Air-conditioners, fans
  • **Bathrooms, water heater, shower gel, shampoo, hair dryer
  • **Flat screen TV, small refrigerator, intercom phone, security box, wardrobe, drinking water, coffee and tea pack.

**Anyone who wish to enter/leave the island besides the fixed schedule must pay for the extra ferry service.

  • **Entertainment facilities: Sunset bar,Karaoke rooms, diving, snorkelling (day and night time), island hopping (Redang Island, Perhentian Island, Bidong Island), Aerial photography, underwater photography, jungle trekking, sunrise, blue sea plankton at night, mah-jong table, beach volleyball, swimming pool, fishing
  • **Drinks, cigarettes, beers, Celcom prepaid cars and top up, daily supplies, snacks, swimming suit, beach sandals, common medicine and skin care products, local products, bird’s nest, white coffee etc are sold in the small shops
  • **Food stalls (Mamak stalls) which sell local food
  • **Okeechobee Japanese food, BBQ and Western food
  • **Delang Buffet Restaurant provides taste of Asia
  • **Summer Court provides break time coffee

**Anyone who wish to enter/leave the island besides the fixed schedule must pay for the extra ferry service.

Yes. It’s open to non-swimmers, but it depends on how fast the learners pick up the lesson. Knowing how to swim is a plus, but it’s not compulsory. Many of our learners only know how to swim after taking the course. If you are not afraid of water and willing to pay attention and give cooperation during the course, passing the test and obtaining a diving certificate isn’t a problem at all.

We are using satellite access internet for both administration and customer usage. For now, we don’t provide free Wi-fi.

There is Celcom 019 internet coverage on the island which enable you to surf the internet via mobile. Please purchase Celcom prepaid card (at least RM10) and top up from us if you need it.

Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, English and Malay

Mainly Ringgit, but we also accept Renminbi, American Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Euro, Pound, New Taiwan Dollar and Yen.

Absolutely, there are many old folks and children visiting the island every year.

I’m sorry, the resort is lack of facilities for disable.

Places worth to visit:
****Historic and lively Chinatown, street arts, Turtle Alley. There are also full of different kinds of food such as keropok lekor, coffee, nasi lemak and different cakes.
****Well known Crystal Mosque, Islamic Civilisation Park, Floating Mosque, Terengganu State Museum (the largest museum complex in Southeast Asia)

****Visit batik factory to learn about batik making process.

****Markets that provide various kind of tropical fruits such as mangosteen, rambutan, duku, musang king durian etc.

Resort contact/reservation

Weibo: Lang Tengah Summer Bay Resort

Tel: +609-6313366 / +609-6239911

Weixin +6019-9598966


Official website:

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