Just when you thought there is no other island paradise on Earth, the picturesque sceneries of Pangkor Island is bound to make you think otherwise.

Overview of Pangkor Island.

Overview of Pangkor Island. Source:  perak.attractionsinmalaysia.com

Beautiful white sand, clear blue skies, crystal clear waters, wonderful coral reefs and flora and fauna… no wonder many people who visited Pangkor Island had great impressions about the place, calling it an “island paradise”.

It is even fitting that Pangkor Island is named as such from the Thai word “Pang Koh” which means “beautiful island”, considering the stunning landscape.

Where is Pangkor Island?

Pangkor Island map.

The map of the Island. Source: pulau-pangkor.com

Pangkor Island is located off the coast of Perak in between Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Pangkor Island is made up of five islands in total, with Pangkor being the main island followed by three smaller islands called Pangkor Laut, Pulau Mentagor and Pulau Giam and an isle called Pulau Pelandok.

As an island on the western coast of Peninsular Malaysia, it is pretty much shielded by the monsoon impact. And because of an ideal weather – neither too warm or too cold – it is one of the popular places to visit in Malaysia all year round.

Things to Do in Pangkor Island

Exploring Pangkor Island Beaches

The soft white sand and clear blue waters at Pangkor Island.

The soft white sand and clear blue waters at Pangkor Island. Source: malaysiaislandblog.wordpress.com

What do you do on an island? Explore the beautiful beaches of course! Pangkor Island has a few pretty beaches worth setting up a beach chair or mat and basking under the sun while enjoying the lovely views they offer.

Pantai Pasir Bogak is the most popular beach on the island followed by Nipah beach at Nipah Bay (or Teluk Nipah). Other notable beaches include Ketapang beach at Teluk Ketapang and the secluded Segadas beach at Teluk Segadas, though for Segadas beach, reaching there may be tougher than others.

You will need to travel by foot for about 25 minutes from Teluk Gedung town via a jungle route to reach the secret beach, but the trip is worth it since Segadas beach is known to be the most beautiful beach at Pangkor Island.

Water Sports & Activities

Kayaks available for rent.

Kayaks available for rent. Source: pulau-pangkor.com

There are plenty of fun water activities to do at Pangkor Island: you could go for boat rides on a round-the-island tour, snorkel on your own or join a snorkel tour, or rent a kayak or a jet ski.

A round-the-island tour is good for getting an overall view of the island – you can either join a group boat tour or hire a private boat to enjoy the ride at your own pace. Group boat tour is priced between RM 50 to RM 60 per pax, while a private boat hire costs between RM  200 to RM300, though you could attempt to negotiate for a more affordable price. The tour takes about four hours.

You could also go for a snorkel tour where you will join other tourists in a group to explore the underwater marine lives at Pulau Giam, which costs around RM 50 to RM 60 per person. Alternatively, you could rent snorkel gear for RM10 an hour if you prefer checking out the reefs and fishes by yourself.

For some water sports fun, consider kayaking or jet skiing across the beautiful waters! You can rent a kayak for RM 20 per hour or rent for a day for RM 80. Rental for jet ski is costlier though, around RM 70 to RM 100 for a duration of 20 minutes, depending on the type of engine.

Hiking up Pangkor Hill

A signboard that greets you at Pangkor Hill.

A signboard that greets you at Pangkor Hill. Source: gosquabgo.com

Pangkor Hill is the summit on Pangkor Island, standing about 350 metres tall. The hike up this hill can be moderately difficult but the trip is rewarding when you reach the peak and see for yourself the wondrous views of the sun, sea, sand and greeneries surrounding the island.

To get there, you will need to travel the path from Pantai Pasir Bogak. Hiking up Pangkor Hill may take an average of an hour or more depending on your speed. You could consider bringing some food for some picnic atop the hill – the cool ambience plus pretty scenery set as an ideal picnic setting though! You can also watch the sunrise and sunset here.

Visiting Chinatown on Pangkor Island

Bold, brilliant colours evidently seen throughout Chinatown.

Bold, brilliant colours evidently seen throughout Chinatown. Source: thecrazytourist.com

Need some vibrant colours on your island trip? Head over to Pangkor Island’s Chinatown, one of the interesting Pangkor Island attractions! Here, you can experience a different cultural setting in the midst of the Malay-centric island. Chinatown houses lots of Chinese-inhabited homes, evident from the hanging of red lanterns at house porches and traditional Chinese decorations.

While you’re at it, allow yourself the opportunity to taste some Chinese-style street food at family-owned Chinese restaurants to complete the visit!

Visiting Foo Ling Kong Temple

Beautiful architecture of Foo Lin Kong temple.

Beautiful architecture of Foo Lin Kong temple. Source: theculturetrip.com

A visit to Pangkor Island is not complete without a peek at this famous Taoist Temple on the island. Many people of different faiths flock to this iconic spot on the island, some to offer wishes and prayers to the temple gods, while the rest go there to admire the amazing architecture and scenic surroundings.

Built at Sungai Pinang Besar village at the foot of Pangkor Hill, Foo Lin Kong Temple is well-known for its turtle pond, gorgeously-tended gardens, mini Great Wall of China replica and the “Rock of Fate”. Definitely a place to go among other Pangkor Island attractions if you are an avid Instagrammer for one good photography location!

Visiting Kota Belanda

The remains of what was left of the 17th-century Dutch fort.

The remains of what was left of the 17th-century Dutch fort. Source: malaysia-traveller.com

If you are a fan of historical sites and buildings, then you should check out this old Dutch fort in a fishing village on the island called Kampung Teluk Gedung.

Visitors get to check out the remaining ruins of the once solidly built fort used to store tin ore by the Dutch. What was left from the building’s former glory today is a roofless three-walled structure, maintained to serve as one of Pangkor Island attractions. The circular holes or windows of the fort was said to house nine cannons to defend the fort.

Other Attractions:

Where to stay in Pangkor Island?

Pangkor Island has quite a lot of wonderful resorts and accommodations, and these are a few notable ones:

Pangkor Laut Resort

Pangkor Laut Resort

Stunning view of Pangkor Laut Resort. Source: pangkorlautresort.com

Pangkor Laut Resort is by far the most luxurious beach resort on Pangkor Island, housing cosy villas set upon sturdy stilts in water and spacious estate homes within lush greeneries of the hill.

This Pangkor Island accommodation is perfect for honeymoon as the privacy it offers within its abode sets for a truly warm and romantic setting. This resort is also rated as one of the best resorts in Malaysia.

Pangkor Island Beach Resort

Pangkor Island Beach Resort

Family-friendly units are available at this hotel. Source: pangkor-island-beach-resort.pangkorhotels.com

This Pangkor Island hotel resort is among the most popular beach resorts on this island paradise. This place is family-friendly so if you are bringing kids along for holiday, the resort’s extensive children’s program will keep them entertained throughout your stay.

Pangkor Island Beach Resort provides daily newspaper where you will be informed of the various activities for the day that you can join. Stretch yourself on the private beach, feed hornbills at the hornbill feeding platform, or if you are an avid fan of bird watching, this beach resort offers one of the best spots to do so.

Swiss-Garden Resort Damai Laut

Swiss-Garden Resort Damai Laut

View of Swiss-Garden Resort Damai Laut from afar. Source: swissgarden.com

Fancy playing golf on your island vacation? Then Swiss-Garden Resort Damai Laut is the perfect Pangkor Island hotel for you.

The resort in Lumut may be a tad quieter than the rest but it is definitely a place of blissful peace amidst the lush green environment. Pamper your body to a relaxing spa treatment in which the place is well-known for its great spa facilities, or play golf to your heart’s content in their 18-hole golf course.

Nipah Guesthouse

Nipah Guesthouse

Such cute structures! Source: jelajahmaya.com

This cutely-designed triangle-shaped accommodation is a great place to stay if you prefer a more basic place without the extravagant luxury. Nipah Guesthouse is a pretty comfortable lodging with friendly owners, and this place will instantly make you feel at home.

This guesthouse (and may other guesthouses too) has motorbikes which you can rent for a ride for RM25 to RM40 per day to explore the island. You can also get good lunches here, which are available for non-guests too.

Other Places of Stay

  • Teluk Dalam Resort
  • Puteri Bayu Beach Resort
  • Anjungan Beach Resort & Spa
  • Pangkor Sandy Beach Resort
  • Pangkor Puteri Resort
  • Best Western Marina Island Resort
  • Coral Fishing Resort
  • Virgo Batik Resort
  • Budget Beach Resort

What to Eat at Pangkor Island

Sandy Spoon Restaurant at Pantai Pasir Bogak.

Sandy Spoon Restaurant at Pantai Pasir Bogak. Source: thingstodopost.com

You can never go hungry at Pangkor Island – there are plenty of restaurants, eateries and bars around that you will be spoilt for choice. Here are some recommendations (though the list isn’t exhaustive for sure):

Fisherman’s Cove, Pangkor Laut Resort

  • Serves mainly seafood and soups
  • Good for dinners
  • Also has alcohol and a full bar

Daddy’s Cafe, Coral Bay

  • An all-day service cafe that serves coffee, alcohol and meals
  • Serves a variety of Asian and Malaysian dishes including seafood
  • Vegetarian-friendly with options for vegans
  • Also has gluten-free choices

Warung Manshor, Teluk Nipah

  • Serves local Malaysian food
  • Food to try: Nasi Lemak
  • Good for breakfast, brunch and lunch

Uncle Lim’s Kitchen, Pangkor Laut Resort

  • Serves Oriental cuisine
  • Serves a variety of Asian and Malaysian dishes including seafood
  • Vegetarian-friendly with options for vegans
  • Reservations required

Sandy Spoon Cafe, Pantai Pasir Bogak

  • A cafe that serves Asian and Malaysian cuisine
  • Simple but limited menu items
  • Food served is fresh

Tips for Pangkor Island

Before visiting Pangkor Island, it is best to know some tips about the place so that you are well-prepared prior to the trip and avoid unnecessary difficulties which will affect your island holiday:

  • Visit Pangkor Island during weekdays or off-peak seasons so that you can have a quieter vacation. The island can get very busy during the public and school holidays.
  • The rainy season for Pangkor Island usually fall between October to April, so expect more rainfall if you travel during this period.
  • There are banks with ATM on the island and sundry shops.
  • The best way to tour around and explore the island is by motorbike. Pangkor Town Jetty and Nipah Bay are the best places to rent a scooter, but be sure to bring along your driving license (or international driving license) as you need it for renting a scooter.

How to Get to Pangkor Island?

You will need to take a ferry ride from Lumut jetty to Pangkor Island.

You will need to take a ferry ride from Lumut jetty to Pangkor Island. Source: theculturetrip.com

There are several travel options you may consider. You could travel by flight to Pangkor Island from Kuala Lumpur via Berjaya Air, sit bus or drive to Lumut. From the Lumut jetty, take a ferry ride to Pangkor Island.

Depending on your Pangkor Island package, you may be riding a ferry assigned by your hotel, otherwise you can choose to sit any public ferry. A ferry ride takes about 40 minutes, with the return ticket costing RM 10. The ferry leaves every 30 minutes, dropping you at Pangkor Town at the end of the ride to the island.

The gorgeous island setting will make you keep coming back for more.

The gorgeous island setting will make you keep coming back for more. Source: travelmalaysia.me

Pangkor Island is a paradise of an island that you should visit at least once (if you haven’t yet already). Its tropical beach settings and amazing views together with a lively atmosphere will make your visit a truly marvellous experience.

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The tropical island vibes are strong here at Lang Tengah Island!

The tropical island vibes are strong here at Lang Tengah Island!

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