When you can’t get enough of diving and snorkeling on your island holiday, Pulau Tioman Pahang is the answer to your underwater adventures.

Glorious Pulau Tioman, the perfect destination for holidays. Source: tempatmenarik.my

Speak about Pulau Tioman, and almost everyone in Malaysia will know about this popular holiday destination. Pulau Tioman has been a glorious haven for scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts as the island has a large variety of flora and fauna and the waters are clear enough to explore the underwater habitat.

As part of a National Marine Park initiative, you will be subject to RM5 marine park entrance fee upon arrival – that’s okay, considering the wonderful island adventures that await you there!

You will need to pay a conservation charge of RM5 upon arrival on Pulau Tioman. Source: daphnescapades.com


So where exactly does Pulau Tioman belong to? Some people got confused thinking that it’s Pulau Tioman Johor, but no, Pulau Tioman falls under the Pahang state in the south-eastern side of West Malaysia.

Pulau Tioman is made up of an archipelago, a larger island that is Tioman Island, and is surrounded with isles like Soyak, Sembilang, Tulai, Sibu, Chebeh, Labas and Renggis. And Pulau Tioman is among the most popular islands on the eastern side of peninsula Malaysia, apart from Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian.

Pulau Tioman map. Source: pulau-pangkor.com


When is the best time to visit Pulau Tioman?

The island will be closed during the monsoon period from October to March, and the best time to visit Pulau Tioman is somewhere between March and October. No doubt, you will experience an occasional rainy weather between April to October, but that is expected of tropical climate countries.

The most popular time to travel here is between May and July. If you’re not a fan of crowded places, try not to visit during the school holidays and public holidays.


What are the interesting things to to on Pulau Tioman?

Tioman Island is a place with many activities to do. Some of the most popular things include:

Scuba Diving & Snorkelling

Look at that beautiful variety of sea creatures! Source: tempatmenarik.my

As part of the Marine Park, Pulau Tioman has a well-preserved diversity of fishes and corals, also known as “terumbu karang“. A scuba diving session may be on the expensive side, costing around RM90. which includes equipment usage.

Consider scuba diving at places near Renggis, Coral and Labas islands where you will discover a handful of epic wrecks. You can also get a diving license (Open Water PADI) here for about RM 1,000, but only if you stay on the island for at least 2 days to 5 days.

Some recommended scuba diving schools include Tioman Beach Resort Dive Centre, B&J Dive Center, DiveAsia and Fisherman Divers. Beginner and fun dives are also available if you are not keen on diving certifications.

For snorkelling, some resorts may have their own reef area that you can snorkel around, so check with your hotel for good Pulau Tioman deals beforehand. Otherwise, consider Paya beach, Tekek and Ayer Batang (also known as ABC) for great snorkelling places.

And the best snorkelling site? Check out the area nearby Pulau Tulai, popularly known as Coral Island. There’s a good chance you might find some dolphins during your snorkelling trip!

Deep-sea fishing

Telinga Gajah

What a nice catch! Source: arshadahmad.wordpress.com

Yes, you can go deep-sea fishing at Pulau Tioman beach resorts! Such trips can be arranged from fishing charters there. However, you are only allowed to fish at least 25 kilometres from the coast, since any form of fishing out of the advised guideline is prohibited, considering that the island is within the Marine Park.

Hiking and Jungle-trekking

The path less travelled in the jungles of Pulau Tioman. Source: travellingking.com

You could also go jungle trekking and explore the paths less taken in the jungles of Pulau Tioman beach resort. There are two popular tracks, one from Tekek to Monkey Bay and the other from Tekek to Juara. Trekking could take 2 hours or more, and do tread with caution, for the routes are not well used.

As for hiking, you could hike up the twin peaks (also known as Dragon Horns) of Gunung Nenek Semukut , which is known to be Tioman’s highest peak and Malaysia’s highest freestanding spire.