Tioman Island will come into your memory the next time you plan a sudden vacation with a reasonable budget, get ready to explore your options!




Pulau Tioman

Tioman Island was popularized when in the 1970s the TIME Magazine had named it one of the most beautiful islands. Located in the South-eastern Coast of Malaysia, the Island has every deserving reason to be on your do-not-miss list!

The Island is a good place to spend your vacation whether solo or in group. There are budget resort packages and places accordingly. Unlike other South-eastern vacation islands like Perhentian Islands or Lang Tengah or Redang island, this Island welcomes visitors all year long.



Along history, Tioman Island has been a haven for fishermen, and also during War times (the wrecks of HMS Repulse and HMS Prince of Wales are still around the island – these ships of England were sunk on December 10, 1941 by Japanese bombs and torpedoes).

The Island’s lores however extend even before that. Legend has it that the Island is the body of a cursed dragon princess (possibly to explain the volcano Mount Kajang standing at 1,038 metres). Other legends say that it is a dragon prince and not a princess who was cursed. A story says that the dragon princess was enchanted by the beauty of the land that she decided to stay there. (In all cases, perhaps they had tried to explain the volcano!)

Today, snorkelling and diving around the Tioman Island at various points is very much rewarding, owing to its rich aquatic life and history. The resources on land are not any less compared to this.



You want to laze out on the beaches and just stare at the sky? Super cool. Tioman has a place for you. (Just remember to have sunscreen, sunglasses, etc., when you’re doing it in daylight, and mosquito repellents in the night.)

Want to stay in both sea and land? Cool, walk around the beaches, lie on the beach, play some games.

Want to go into the sea? Great, you can go snorkelling, diving and surfing (depending on the season) here at the Island, and in many places around.

Don’t want to be anywhere near the water but want some adrenaline or a touch with nature? Great, go trekking in the thick tropical jungle and visit the Asah Waterfall (avail transport if you’re heading past 4.30 pm though. You do not want to get lost there.) You can also go shopping after all that.


Depending on the seasons you’re visiting – rainy or dry – the weather varies. The afternoons are hot, evenings warm and night cool. The best time to visit Tioman Island would be in July and August when the weather is dry. Otherwise, the best time to visit the Malaysia islands on this part is March to October.

Like we said, there are fewer transports to get around the Tioman island. You can go either foot, rent a bicycle or by sea taxi. For some routes, you can hire a jeep. The lush jungles are the major part of the island, and people are found only in the coasts.

The area is a protected marine park (though unfortunately it faces littering issues). Swimming underwater, you can expect to see Corals, Greenback Turtles, Blacktip Reef Sharks, Blue Spotted Manta Rays, Barracuda, Cuttlefish, etc.,

In the forests, you can expect to see snakes, monitor lizards, Long Tail Macaques, Fruit Bats, Black Giant Squirrels, Red Giant Flying Squirrels, Brush Tailed Porcupines, Slow Loris, Mouse Deer, various insects, etc., (Beware of the monkeys in regards to food though. And, you can find a lot of cats around.) And Tioman has its own indigenous species too, like the walking catfish Clarias batu and Kajang slender litter frog.



So yes, now that you have the basic information, get ready to do more research, and plan your vacation! Check pointers on ATM facilities, SIM card, WiFi, goods, and other things you’ll need! Also, you could hop on to other neighbouring islands!

So, what are you waiting for? Have fun!

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